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BC3 offers:

Personalized Academic Advising
Free Hour of Tutoring Per Subject Per Week
Career Services
Transfer Services

Student Spotlight


I really thrive in those small classes. I thought that it was the best route for me, and being right in our community is so much better for me than being in a big university.

Macey Wright, Photography / Graphic Design Major

Enjoy small class sizes

Get personalized attention in our small classes. BC3 has a 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

You’ll be ready for what’s next

Earn your degree or certificate and start a career. Or you can transfer credits to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Open Admissions Policy
Statewide Transfer Agreements
On-site & Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Student Spotlight


I love BC3. It’s affordable. You get an excellent education. And I love all the teachers. I’ve made a huge amount of friends.

Tyler Bell, Computer Information Systems Major

Hear from BC3 grads!

Our graduates share highlights from their student experience: praise for faculty, BC3’s affordability, the quality of their education, the friendliness they encountered, and the beauty of main campus!

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